Quiz Marketing

The Key to Better Conversions

Why should you use marketing quizzes?

Using quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy is one of the most underrated types of content that every business should be using, and we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you how effective they really were.

Marketing quizzes are an excellent way to engage your prospects, convert them into leads, and profile their interests for future, targeted marketing campaigns.

A custom quiz can drive THOUSANDS of QUALIFIED leads to your business… even in “boring” or “straight-laced” industries.


High-Performing Digital Marketing Quiz

At Business Local IMS we can provide your business with a well-structured marketing quiz campaign, that can uncover information about your prospects in a way unlike any other form of marketing. By weaving strategically important profiling questions into a gamified quiz experience, your prospects don’t feel like they are filling in a questionnaire. Instead, they see the quiz as an enjoyable experience that is getting them closer to seeing their results. This underlying desire we have to see our results, compare them to our peers, and then share those results with our friends, is why quizzes should be a mainstay in growing your business.

Evergreen Nature of Quizzes

Create a quiz once, and it can withstand the test of time. With a few minor tweaks here and there, of course. This “evergreen” nature of quizzes makes them extremely scalable. One quiz could be generating you leads, on autopilot, for years at a time.

Moreover, the average quiz gets over 1900 shares, which means implementing quizzes in your marketing strategy is helpful to generate more sales.

Nowadays, more and more companies like Buzzfeed, The Elephant Pants, Superior Papers, Cloud Sherpas include quizzes in their marketing strategy quite successfully, quizzes are being explored as a content format to drive more sales for businesses across the B2B and B2C industries.



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