Targeted Lead Generation

Targeted Lead Generation

Most companies understand that they need to generate more leads, but when it comes to implementing specific strategies, most don’t know where to begin.

Contrary to popular belief, lead generation isn’t just about cold-calling or ​sending out a bunch of emails​. It’s a complicated process that requires a diverse range of strategies to be effective.

Business Local IMS can help you turn website visitors into prospective leads with our bespoke lead generation services. We partner with your business to understand your product or service, process and most importantly, your customer.


Multi-Channel Strategy

Once we understand your business in its entirety, we can determine which digital channels would be most beneficial to your business, in both the short- and long-term, and the best means to execute a strategic campaign to yield the most return on your investment with us.

We’ll develop a unique lead generation strategy, across multiple digital channels (such as Social Media and PPC), to attract a more targeted customer base and higher customer acquisitions.

Our carefully crafted campaigns all have one core component at heart – your customer.


Marketing Channels that Delivers

Different digital channels deliver different results dependent on a range of factors, and digital marketing is definitely that which we understand most.

If you are looking to drive high volumes of targeted traffic to a contact form page for a short time, then pay-per-click is the ideal solution. To establish your business as a thought leader among your competitors, organic growth and credibility is achieved through search engine optimisation, along with a carefully constructed content marketing campaign. And social media can grow interest for your business in completely new markets.

Not all lead generation is created equal. Let's discuss the differences between inbound vs outbound and specifically channels within these and how they stack up against each other!


Outbound VS Inbound Marketing

There are two main marketing lead generation channels:

  • Outbound marketing
    Essentially, outbound marketing interrupts your customer’s workflow, and “demands” their attention.
  • Inbound marketing
    By contrast, inbound marketing draws your customer into your funnel, and “earns” their attention.

Now that we’ve figured out the main types of leads and identified the two main lead generation channels, we’re almost ready to jump into the best strategies for generating leads for your business in 2020 and beyond.


Marketing Tools Used by Our Agency