The Next Generation of Digital Marketing

The Next Generation of Digital Marketing

Like all things, digital marketing is going through significant changes.

It’s no longer only about building brand awareness or delivering personalised, contextual experiences; it’s about extending marketing beyond the walls of the marketing department.

It's about serving the needs of audiences as they become prospects through to becoming customers that stick around and willingly speak as advocates. This is not a new story, but marketing has become such as a diverse activity that it’s difficult at the best of times to know what to do to achieve success.

The World of B2c And B2b Marketing

Has taken a digital upgrade since the advent of the internet.

Digital marketing is the use of digital and computerised platforms to communicate with potential buyers in the form of site adverts, email lists and social media (though social media marketing can also be an entirely different form of marketing itself).

There are two main types of digital marketing – ‘pull’ marketing, which needs a customer to actively look for the marketing content, and ‘push’ marketing, which does not require the customer to do anything – it’s like the high-tech equivalent of junk mail.

Branding & Promotions

Looking at the various types of digital marketing that exist:

  • Limited Edition Launches.
  • Seasonal Specials & Discounts.
  • Events.
  • Online Contests.
  • Online Quizzes & Assessments.

Take a look at the differences between the different forms of digital marketing and perhaps map out marketing strategies for your business.

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